Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Our weekend away in Sydney!

My boyfriend and I of almost 2 and half years stayed in Sydney city the weekend of 13th April - 15th April. It was his early birthday present and pretty much just an excuse for a getaway.

We stayed at Mantra on Kent and it was a very good hotel. The staff were lovely and the hotel room was better than expected. We didn't want to spend over $200 a night for accommodation, so instead we comprised and said that we'd stay at a 4 star hotel and spend more money on food and shopping.

On Sunday I forgot to take photos of what I ate. But we had Yum Cha at East Ocean Restaurant in China Town. It was very nice. I loved the food there.

Monday morning for breakfast we walked to a place called Project 8 Cafe near Broadway. I ordered a pot of English Breakfast tea and it was only $4 and we got about 4 cups out of it? What a bargain! I also got a ham and cheese croissant and a brownie. It was such a nice looking cafe. The food was lovely as well.

On Monday we had lunch at Lord of The Fries! I cannot believe that I have never been to this place until now. It's honestly the best tasting chips ever. I would eat it more often if I could be bothered to travel over an hour to get it. They should open up a store closer to the Western Suburbs! You can choose from three different types of chips. Classic, Chunky or Sweet Potato. My favourite is classic. Also they have a variety of sauces you can choose from. My favourite is between Vietnamese (Spicy Chilli & Mayo) or French Canadian (Shredded Cheese & Gravy) which is pictured below. I highly recommend trying this if you're ever in Sydney! It's located on George Street.

Afterwards we went to the Sea Life: Sydney Aquarium. You can never go wrong with a cute date to the aquarium. We were also contemplating going to Taronga Zoo but we'll save that for another day. The price is a bit much but if you decide that you want to go to other tourist attractions it works out cheaper buying a multi pass. We only wanted to go here, so we paid the full price. 

I love looking at sea life. It was relaxing and enjoyable. Afterwards there was a souvenir shop and my boyfriend ended up buying a cute plush toy seal for me. 

For dinner on Monday night we went to a place called Chophouse. Located on Blight Street. We booked in advance as we heard this place gets quite busy. It was a really nice atmosphere while eating. There was candlelight and dim lighting. This place has the BEST steaks in Sydney. I kid you not, I have never tasted a steak better than here, it was soft, moist, juicy and tasty. Also was cooked to perfection! Most restaurants usually get your steak wrong. I was very pleased with their service also, very friendly and fast. We waited less than 10 minutes for our steaks. You also get a complimentary sour dough bread as an entrée.

They have the cutest entrée plates! 

I ordered a drink. It got the Lychee Blush (Virgin Cocktail.) Which was $10

I was lucky that they had a special that night and my steak ended up being only $29, (Originally $39.)
I ordered the Wagyu Rump Cap, MB8+, with harissa, jus.
My boyfriend ordered the F1 Wagyu Striploin MB4+, with harissa, jus.
We also got a side of shoestring fries, since the steaks don't come with anything else. They were $9 but they tasted amazing.

For dessert. I ordered a Vanilla Ice Cream coated with Vanilla Bean with Chocolate topping and Honeycomb. My boyfriend ordered the Banoffee Pie. Both desserts tasted fantastic. Everything about tonight was wonderful! I couldn't be happier. One of the best dates we have had.

The bill only ended up costing a little over $100. Which is reasonable for a decent quality restaurant. We'll definitely be back again one day. It left my mouth watering.

Tuesday morning we ended up eating breakfast at the hotel. Since we had a paid buffet. It was really good surprisingly.

We checked out after breakfast and left on the train back home. 

That was such a full on weekend! It seems like all we did was eat. But honestly I swear we did other things too like go on walks, shopping and taking photos. But I mainly had photos of food. Overall it was a fantastic weekend.

Kirstie Jade

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  1. East Ocean is one of my childhood favourite restaurants in Sydney!
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