Monday, 9 June 2014

iHerb Beauty Haul!

Hi! How are you guys doing today? I hope you are well :)

I decided to make a purchase off iHerb last week because I received a voucher to use and I thought why not take advantage of it since I wanted a few items already. 

I have purchased from them in the past, although it was over a year ago. I have had no issues with iHerb whatsoever. They are a fantastic company! With great prices which are fairly reasonable considering I live in Australia and everything is so expensive. 

Recently they started showing products in AU pricing. Which is great! Also the shipping is really affordable. It's only around $4 for standard international shipping and $8 for express. 

You can purchase make-up, brushes, skincare, hair care, vitamins etc. They sell a variety of products, for a good price. 

Now onto the haul! I purchased quite a few brushes since they retail for over double the amount here in Australia.