Thursday, 10 April 2014

Candelicious Creations Soy Wax Candles

Hey guys! Don't you just love candles? I know I do. I'm pretty much a collector/hoarder when it comes to candles. I have way too many and still buy more. (Bad habit, I know.) But in this post I introduce to you natural candles. Which are handmade and produced in Australia! For a reasonable price and great value. Not only that, but they smell great too! What a bonus.

Two of my lovely friends (Abbie and Rachel) have started a candle business, since October 2013. They make soy wax and bees wax candles. There are a lot of different scents and ranges of candles they produce.
Such as Cafe, Candy Shop, Clean Waters, Common Scents, Oriental, Pretty Posies, Summer Lovin' and Special Edition candles.

This is what they say about their candles.

 "We endeavour to create hand made, quality candles that are beautifully scented from natural waxes free of toxins.

 We choose to craft our candles from Bees Wax & Soy Wax as they are naturally occurring products and do not contain harmful petrochemicals like those found in paraffin wax. Our waxes are not chemically treated post production.

 In addition to this, our waxes are produced from sustainable, renewable resources. Our bees wax is Australian produced & our soy wax is cultivated from American plantations. We do not use Genetically Modified materials."

The two candles above, I bought are both from the Summer Lovin' Range. These two scents are fantastic! When lit, they smell amazing. They burn evenly and distribute the scent throughout the room. As you can see the wick is a lot thicker than your average candle. This doesn't bother me at all. I do still trim the wick before using it each time as you are taking care of the candle and make it last longer.

Even when the candles are just sitting on my bedside table I can still smell the lovely Watermelon and Lemon & Lime Bitters flavours. It's almost as if I'm eating it.

They have a website which you can purchase these amazing candles. They sometimes have sales as well so make sure that you check them out on Facebook  and like their page for future scents and discounts!

You can also find them on Instagram.

They offer a flat rate of $5 postage Australia wide if you don't live locally. (Not delivered Internationally.)

So what are you waiting for?

Visit their website to find out more about their candles.

Have you tried natural candles before? Do you have a favourite brand of candle? Let me know down below.

Kirstie Jade

Disclaimer: All  products  were  purchased with my own money, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I'm sold im checking out their website! :)

    1. They are really great candles! You won't be disappointed :)